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2.0 in korean and in MECE


I just flickrd the korean version of the web2.0 mindcloud: big thanks go out to Na Young Oh for translation. Great.

In the same moment i received mail from a Den Haag university teacher called Arthur van Adrichem, who wondered how to put my rather spontanous cloudthing in a more scientificly approached structure. He referred to the MECE principle i never heard of before. He even seems to have started a blog on that purpose, which is a nice and clever way to get his students involved, i think.

I’ll be following their efforts with great interest :) In fact it would be great if there would be a possibility to keep the categorized memes editable to add further evolvement. Anyway i wonder how interferences and interdependencies would be display in a MECE version.

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  1. Arthur van Adrichem:

    Thanks a lot for your comment! Everybody is welcome to join the discussion about mecing (getting it MECE compatible) the mind cloud on Web 2.0.

    The MECE principle simply says that data should be divided in groups which do not overlap and which cover all the data. Let’s assume that the mind cloud is complete. The only thing that we need to find is a way to arrange the items into groups that do not overleap.

    I think that we can start with two different categories or groups. Let’s take Communication and Business. Let’s forget about all the techniques and standards. What item will fit in which category?

    Let’s start with Business; I’m quite sure of the following items
    • Affiliation
    • Advertisement
    • Cost per click
    • Recommendation
    • Page Rank
    • Perpetual Beta
    • Venture Capital
    • The Long Tail

    And Communication, I’m quite sure of the following
    • Podcasting
    • Videocasting
    • Instant Messaging

    I’m glad to see any additions from other people!

  2. Kosmar:

    here comes the first problem: perpetual beta is i think a meme that runs in every field of it: business, technology and also design. when you stick with business and communication for the start, then yes it would better go in the first box.

  3. Arthur van Adrichem:

    I think that Perpetual Beta is technology and design independent. Look like Gmail and the Microsoft Live services. They are quite different in design and technique.

  4. Arthur van Adrichem:

    Lets continue our disccussion about mecing the mindcloud on my blog..