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Design under substandard working conditions

Imagine the situation when Felix from Plazes asked me to help him with his speech at DLD06 for the following day:

  1. powerbook energy at 45%.
  2. two hours to go.
  3. no bluetooth, wifi or lan available.
  4. no photographs in stock.
  5. a cool but far from easy topic.
  6. already more than one drink in the bloodstream.


My reaction was: cool, lets try something paradox.
So i limited myself further to:

  1. just use ugly powerpoint.
  2. just use a few colors.
  3. no text.
  4. Then i looked at the martini in front of me and decided:

  5. just use circles.

Just because circles are the perfect form to build anything of it. And they represent a location, and any other item anyway, in the most natural way.

The first slide broke its way:
#1 personal publishing
it may look to some people like an adult toy, while really meaning “personal publishing”. but hey, ain’t that the same anyway?

I am a bit proud of remembering how the globe would look like in circles:
#7 the planet

The limitations seemed to have been a good decision, as the final saving progressbar completed onto an usb stick, when the last powersuppling electron went thru the circuits of my brave portable macintosh computer.


In the end it was part of a great first-of-day-eight-o-clock metro media panel at the Digital Lifestyle Day in munich, hosted by Jochen Wegner of Focus online, showcasing Plazes, area/code (the people behind Pacmanhattan and Conqwest), Socialight and fabulous Jyri Engeström of aula.org.

further surfing:
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aggregated imagery from the whole event

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  1. Usod:

    Wow, das ist der absolute hammer!

  2. Kosmar:

    depp ;)

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