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DM – Violated


One of the greatest and most influencial albums? Maybe. For me certainly the untoppable best one of Depeche Mode: Violator.
It just got remashed and mixed around and is out there for download: Violated

The result is really nice and catchy.


And thats not all to know: The current release of the album from mute on SACD includes not only a brilliant 5.1 mix but also an interesting documentary movie featuring anybody involved.


The film is also available on [Advertisment]
Depeche Mode - Violator - A Short Film: Depeche Mode 89-91

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2 Kommentare

  1. Stuart Mudie:

    Thanks a lot for this link, I downloaded all the tracks yesterday and they kept me company on a long metro ride out to visit a client in the suburbs this morning.


  2. Kosmar:

    stu youre a happy man: .right now the page responses a 403 Forbidden. … maybe someone thought ‘violated’ refers also to copyright issues …