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Relaunch – URL and feed changed


You may have noticed my design changed a bit.
You may also have noticed my URL changed a lot.

I call it now http://kosmar.de/. Mainly because people began to recognize me when they heard that someone call me kosmar. But non of them could remember my blogaddress.

The old domain still may work for some years, but please take a minute of your life and update your feedreader with my new feed url which is so short you could shout it over a dancefloor while Abba is playing: http://kosmar.de/feed

And if you ever linked to me, and if you order your socks by color, well then think about correcting those links.

Cheerio and remember this for a random reason.

Ein Kommentar

  1. Delfin:

    I like the brand new minimal d-sign of da blog. ;-)

    Congrats fr the new name.