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The huge cloud lens bubble map web2.0


Sleepless Night; So here it is – the big Web2.0 everything, released under Creative Commons license Attribution-ShareAlike

Click to see the full size.
web2.0 universe map

If i forgot anything, put it in the wrong place, mentioned anything outside your mindmap or if you want me to add your funky startup … put it in the comments, but do not expect me to edit the monster.

Maybe i will add the big linklist another day.

Readers who are tagging this have also tagged O’Reilly‘s What is Web2.0, 37 signalsnegative top 10, and Dion Hinchcliffe‘s diagrams.

[later next day]
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Check out NerdWideWeb.com for localised versions of the mindcloud.

In case you are a interested in tshirts, buttons, stickers and mousepads surf over to the official nerdchandise of the web2.0 mindcloud.

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    […] Quelle: kosmar.de […]

  2. Tim Schlotfeldt (tschlotfeldt) 's status on Monday, 06-Jul-09 13:46:33 UTC - Identi.ca:

    […] http://kosmar.de/archives/2005/11/11/the-huge-cloud-lens-bubble-map-web20/ […]

  3. Tim Schlotfeldt:

    @thorstenpanknin Kosmar hatte mal eine Grafik erstellt, kannst du daraus ein Symbol bauen? http://ur1.ca/6thw

  4. Jörn Hendrik Ast:

    Finde gerade die "huge cloud lens bubble map" von @kosmar Sehr cool! Könnte man auch mal ne 2.0 von machen bald! :) http://bit.ly/3cGk0D

  5. fientbees:

    My computer worked not correctly, many errors. Help me, please to fix errors on my PC.
    I used Windows7.

  6. Kosmar:

    yeah. sure.

  7. Francesco:

    Interessante quanto caotico. http://kosmar.de/archives/2005/11/11/the-huge-cloud-lens-bubble-map-web20/

  8. Francesc Llorens Cerdà » » 1.3. Mapes de la Web 2.0 (II):

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  9. Elio:

    RT @kosmar: The huge cloud lens bubble map web2.0 http://bit.ly/bzjVBG

  10. Delicious Over 50:

    The huge cloud lens bubble map web2.0 | kosmar http://bit.ly/cXnqzz

  11. Tünde Kadar:

    bubble map http://kosmar.de/archives/2005/11/11/the-huge-cloud-lens-bubble-map-web20/

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