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This week on web 2.0


Some quite mentionable facts are happening these days in the webosphere.

Let’s start with the locals:

  • The highly acclaimed online award of Grimme institut went to a private blog network, a collective blog of weird and brilliant authors (not even a year online now), as well as to a link-recommending video webcast, that was integrated only weeks before into one of germany’s most important newssite. What a change from awarding tv-funded website specials and commercial sites in the previous years.
  • The german chancellorette started a vlogging career with a vodcast nearly free of content which was even noticed by the daily and exciting rocketboom in its yesterday release.
  • The Football World Cup is now a Firefox extension.

What else? A lot:

My personal highlights:

  • Thanks to Rupert I discovered a ugly designed and brilliant working mashup of last.fm and pandora. music recommendation deluxe.
  • ShoZu invited me to betatest their new mobile client that includes subscriptions to multimediacasts from rocketboom and webshots as well as posting from your mobile to bcc and cnn, whatever that means. More later.
  • And, yeah: Microshaft released a video for their brand new Web 2.0 framework. It covers all! Watch it!

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