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Twin Freaks – McCartney back in the disco


Cover - Twin Freaks Sir Paul goes hipster again. Just released last week: The ditto entitled album from the »Twin Freaks«.

This time a collaboration with DJ Freelance Hellraiser, who was the one mixing McCartney tracks live at last years tour as support act.

The tracklist includes sources from all ages of macca’s solo career. Beside Maybe I’m Amazed and Live And Let Die, the occasional listener may only recall Coming Up, which reappears alongside two other songs (Darkroom and the great Temporary Secretary) originally on the 1980 electronic McCartney II.

Funny enough there’s also Stevie Wonder refeatured on the ’82 Tug Of War track What’s That You’re Doing. The rest are non-hit album tracks from Wings Wild Life, Rinse The Raindrops from the usually underrated 2001 Driving Rain album and the prereleased single Really Love You (Known from 1997 Flaming Pie). Lalula is a title that mixes together multiple songs like Loup (1st Indian On The Moon), Old Siam Sir and the Human Theme from the Standing Stone release.

Like a real club act, the stuff seems only to be available as a double vinyl and as download at iTunes or 7digital. There’s also an offer to send it to your mobile via sms for 150% ripoff-charge, oh my.
Ebay results (also in Germany) show currently nearly only UK-sellers offering the inevitable promo-500-only editions of the single Really Love You.

You can hear bits of the tracks on the site. Unlike the two great ambient albums of the 90’s collaboration with DJ Youth, released undercover as Fireman, this time Sir Paul’s voice and the structures are not totally dissolved in this kinda rough electro-tribal sound. Makes me remember the previous club-attempts on the Hope Of Deliverance single and the many mixes of Ou Est Le Soleil back in the days. Just a more professional and uptodate production this time, which makes quite a catchy album.

And the cover … yes you thought it. It’s one of McCartney’s paintings. I don’t comment on these …

Still: Happy birthday Paul, (born just one day before Brian Wilson)

Get Twin Freaks at iTunes Germany

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