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Web2.0 sellout


No, not what you think, the hype is still on the run.

What I did was just lower prices significantly on the infamous nerdchandise products around the web2.0 mindcloud known from wikipedia and flickr.



3 Kommentare

  1. Sascha Lobo:

    Huhu, kosmar, schau mal nach rechts auf dem Webmontag.

  2. Kosmar:

    ich komm mal rüber, momentchen

  3. Joel Yuvienco:

    Schoenen Dank für das Lassen einer Anmerkung an meinem blog auf dem webcloud (just fiddled with Google Language Tools)

    Anyway, as to the memes and principles that need updating: “cross functionality” instead of simple “convergence”, “user empowerment” instead of “user centered” are just two things that come to mind. Remember that Web 2.0 incorporates the social more tightly into the equation. IMHO